Chad Morgan the top donator

This is the story about Chad Morgan the Chaturbate top donator.

It all started one night when Chad Morgan was sitting alone in the dark infront of his computer. He had just stopped working on his current project and was tired and bored since Rexx had left to sleep, so as many men do he ripped off his pants and got ready to jerk the peen to some nice ladies over at Chaturbate. He scrolled and scrolled and none of his favorites were online so he had to find someone new that was good. And then he saw her, gorgeous and cute with a beautiful white shining smile, The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was now on his screen. He couldnt wait a second, he started writing to her while touching his peen and 10 minutes went by in just the blink of an eye and then his new queen stood up... Chad Morgan now devastated looked at his screen, seeing a suprisingly big penis on this woman he had been touching himself too. "But... she was so beautiful" he said to himself realizing he had been jerking off to a trans woman. For a day and a night his inner chatter went wild until he spoke with Rexx again and told him about it, "SHE HAD A PENIS" Chad said. Rexx simply answered "It's okay to like penis even if you are a man" and so Chad once again started going into deep philosophical thought scanning over texts from Kierkegaard, Jung, Camus, Nietzsche etc. and an hour later he came to the conclusion. He was going to be her top donator and he had to accept this new found homosexuality of his. And this was the story of how Chad Morgan became the top donator of his trans woman chaturbate streamer queen.

The end.

Do not try to find this streamer just to harrass her. I, the maker of this site, fully support trans rights and her line of work.

NSFW images: coming soon :)